About Us

AJIS Group was founded in 1978 as Japan's first inventory service provider.

The advantage of our abundant experience in Japan and the resulting know-how, as well as the customer base and human resources we have developed, we at AJIS have continued our endeavor to grow our business globally and we are now providing retail support services both in Japan and overseas.

AJIS Missions

The AJIS Group will contribute to the development of chain strories and
the realization of a prosperous society by providing the best services to the customers, as professionals.

AJIS Group Strengths

The long history of our service in Japan makes it possible to add greater value to our services.

One-stop retail support service

We provide a highly trained retail force, industry leading techniques, and the know-how to support your store management when you need it the most.

Enjoy operation efficience, cost effective solutions with AJIS one-stop retail support

Inventory / Stocktaking Services

Low-cost inventory/Stocktaking with accuracy and precision

Mystery Shopping

Objective surveys to improve store service quality

Replenishment / Stocking Services

Replenishment of products outside your normal business hours

Staffing Services

Offering "cashier staffing services" and "CS staffing services"

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